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What does my love life look like?  What about my career? Should I move to another place?  How is my health? What college should I

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Soul Contracts

  A Soul Contract Reading allows you to understand why your soul incarnated into this lifetime to progress its spiritual growth. Often you will have

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Psychic Medium

Susan has ten plus years’ experience as a Professional Evidential Psychic Medium. Susan is honored to use her gifts to help others move forward with

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This book is about the power of free will and the choices we make in our lives. The choice to accept a negative personal view of life or a positive one is as simple as choosing disease over great health.  We have the power to create destruction in our lives as easily as we can create constructively. The only thing we have control over is how we choose to react to every situation. The freedom of choice is yours.  This book describes the extensive and painful process I chose of negative beliefs that evolved into disease and destruction.  By taking ownership of my choices it allowed me to overcome rheumatoid arthritis.  I was able to remove disease and misery and create miracles in their place. This book is two books in one, the problem and the solution.



James Van Praagh | School of Mystical Arts

Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship, UK






On August 19, 2016 I experienced a private reading with Susan Saucier. It was an emotional afternoon, with lots of laughter, lots of tears, and definitely a great deal of healing.
Susan has a gift and comfort about her that is so precious. I feel now that I can move forward with a new found understanding of my past.

During this reading, my late husband reached out to me through Susan, and helped fill a void in my life that I was unaware I had harbored since he passed so violently and unexpectedly many years ago. The amount of personal detail that Susan conveyed left me speechless.
Susan was also able to connect with my grandmother. Medical issues, childhood memories, my grandmother’s love for cooking and her sense of humor all came through. It was as if she were in the room!

Susan is truly a gifted person who empathizes with clients and helps them to understand the messages coming through. At least in my case, hearing from my deceased relatives wasn’t a light matter. It was emotional as I uncovered a sense of loss that I had harbored for all this time, but now I am able to move forward with a sense of closure.

Having a reading with Susan is an incredibly personal and moving experience, and one can not help but feel forever changed after experiencing it.

Thank you for sharing your gift!

With Deepest Appreciation,
Leigh Garczynski​​​

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My Mission

To bring validation from loved ones who have crossed to the other side so you may recognize they are still with you in many ways, understanding they are at peace, and becoming aware of the signs they are giving you. I am incredibly grateful to use my gifts in a professional and compassionate way to bring healing, love, comfort, and peace to each and every one of you.
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