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Susan Saucier

Spiritual Intuitive Coach


My goal is to bring you



Transform Your Life

Release Limiting Beliefs

Heal Old Wounds from Your Present Life and Past Lives

Connect with Your Inner Child

Awaken Your True Potential

Discover the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Take Back Your Power

As your personal Spiritual Intuitive Transformational Coach, I am super excited to be a part of your team!
Are you ready to open the door and let the Universe, God, Your Creator, Divine Source Energy know you are ready to transform your life?
Discover your true authentic self and the power you hold within!
As your personal Spiritual Intuitive Transformational Coach, I am super excited to be a part of your team!
Are you ready to commit to transforming your life and unleashing your true potential long term?
Now offering One-on-One packages 4 sessions to 12 sessions of personalized guidance to bring you back home to your true authentic self with special bonuses!



I am here for you whether you wish to connect with a loved one or need some guidance from your Spirit Team on your life's journey!
Spending time with your loved one in Spirit can be the closure and healing you are seeking.
Guidance from your Spirit Team may be the insight you need.


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Discover the Power of QUANTUM HEALING!


Are You Ready to Transform Your Life with QUANTUM HEALING!

In Quantum Healing, you bring into alignment your conscious mind, your subconscious mind, and your Soul's pure essence to create healing and transformation.

By engaging your subconscious mind you tap into your gifts to awaken, transform, heal, and change past time lines.

Deepak Chopra believed that the process is very much like learning to ride a bicycle. As he states: “To promote the healing response, you must get past all the grosser levels of the body – cells, tissues, organs, and systems – and arrive at a junction between mind and matter, the point where consciousness actually starts to have an effect”. 

Quantum healing is a cutting-edge therapy that works with the mind to heal one’s body and emotions, healing thousands of people.

 Quantum Healing can lift your Spirit in ways that will allow you to heal in profound ways.

Discover how the energy you take in, your thoughts, your emotions, and your beliefs create stagnation in the body. You are energy and everything around you is responding to your vibration. Quantum Healing creates a healing response within your cells, DNA, tissues, organs, and all systems of your body.

Every disease, illness, and even headache is connected to a frequency running through your body alerting your system that you are out of balance. 

Life can be challenging with many lessons that can keep you stuck, creating pain, illness, and depression. Isn't it time you take care of you?

"Discover the Wisdom of Your Inner Child"

Your Personal Journey with Your Inner Child 

In one session we connect with your inner child, sometimes that just touches the surface, and you leave wanting more time with your little one!

Now you can spend more time with your inner child (three 90-minute sessions)

What are the top 3 things your inner child wants you to know?

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My goal is to serve you better on your life's journey, therefore, I am now offering Three 90-minute One-on-One Personalized Coaching Supercharged Sessions designed to awaken your soul's potential by discovering the imprint of your soul's journey, engaging the wisdom of your inner child, and erasing those blocks and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

BONUS - Free Personalized Guided Meditation Unique to Your Needs

Each session will include breakthrough techniques and intuitive guidance from your inner child and your Spirit Team.

Are you ready to go deeper and explore more?

Your inner child holds the key to your freedom!

Step Into Your Magnificence Courses Created Specifically to Bring You Guidance as You Awaken into Your True Authentic Self!

 6-Week Courses of One-on-One Personalized Coaching unique to your needs!

Whether it’s healing your body from disease, learning to set boundaries from toxic people, protecting yourself as an Empath, creating an abundant life with your powerful subconscious mind, or even transforming your life as you awaken into your spiritual bliss.
I am excited to work with you and share the knowledge and wisdom I have gained through life experiences that have changed my life in magical and profound ways. As the saying goes,
“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”
As your personal Earth Guide and Spiritual Intuitive Transformational Coach, I will connect with your Spirit Team throughout our sessions bringing you guidance, wisdom, and knowledge that will assist you in healing old wounds, identifying blocks and limiting beliefs, understanding your life’s purpose, connecting with your inner child, and offering you lifelong tools that will allow you to Step into Your Magnificence and Transform Your Life!

BONUS - Free Guided Meditation Created Specifically for YOU!

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Do you often feel stuck and wonder what it is you're supposed to do with your life? This course is designed to dive deep into the depth of your hidden self. You will embark on a journey of self-discovery where you will explore your timeline, blocks, and limited beliefs take form. This course enables you to connect with your inner child, create new positive beliefs, and unlock the magic of your life's purpose.


Are you finding it difficult to manifest your dreams? This course will take you on a journey that goes above and beyond the law of attraction. Discover the many ways your subconscious mind works to keep you in repetitive patterns and how you can reprogram your perception. You are the creator of your world and sometimes that is a lot of work when you're not sure how to use that power.


Do you define yourself as the people pleaser and the one everyone goes to for help? This course is designed to help you discover where you lost yourself when you became the best person you could be for everyone else. Learn to set boundaries, why your energy is delicious to energy vampires, and what you can do to take back your power and live your life, not someone else's!

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Are you tired of feeling exhausted, stressed out, and sick? This course brings you on a unique voyage into healing the body, mind, and spirit. If you experience any type of illness, disease, fatigue, unknown illness, stress, fear, worry, and all that yucky stuff, then join us to discover how your body is communicating with your subconscious mind and creating chaos in your energy field and how you can heal yourself.


What people are saying about these courses....

I recently completed the course, "Step into Your Magnificence and Transform Your Life! AND I LOVED IT!

I found the worksheets very intuitive.  I discovered new interpretations/solutions for many inner-child events. This new understanding has enabled me to watch for these behaviors and respond appropriately.  I learned so many helpful skills, my vibration has remained high after a month! The weekly meditations and affirmations were great, I especially enjoyed the daily "Bedtime Story"!  (and still use the recordings almost daily). I found the private session with Susan prior to the start of the series very beneficial, both at the time of the meeting and as a vehicle for Susan to learn a bit about me prior to the first class.
I highly recommend this series, Susan is so approachable and available and she makes the class fun!  I'm looking forward to Version 2!
Deb H.

Healing my body in ways I never imagined...

I am so grateful I found you! Not everyone understands how difficult it is to live with an illness. I knew I was drawn to you after hearing your story of how you healed yourself from rheumatoid arthritis. I never imagined I could heal my body in ways that were so different from what I was used to thinking. Using your techniques and understanding that my body has been talking to me has really opened up my eyes in how I go about my days now and how I talk to myself. This has been such a wonderful course and I continue to listen to all my meditations daily. I am already improving and can't wait to keep healing. Much love, SM

Huge impact in my life's path......

The course exceeded my expectations. The Energetic Blueprint is a fantastic piece of information that I refer to often to help me understand my natural talents and obstacles that I am working on in this lifetime. I enjoyed connecting with my inner child the most. I never realized the impact that my inner child has on my present life. The course introduced outlets for me that I never realized were so beneficial. Susan's course has personally made a huge impact in my life's path. THANK YOU! JM


I am now filled with a new found freedom......

I have taken many courses throughout my life and have experienced many insights but this course has taken me to another level of understanding who I am and the power I hold within me. Love the morning and evening guided meditations, they are perfect to start my day and end my day. Enjoyed connecting with my inner child which helped me to understand why I kept choosing the same relationships. I am already noticing changes in my life. I am now filled with a new found freedom that I haven't had before. Loved this course! Thank you, MS

I definitely came out of this course knowing how to take back my power!......

The depth of the self-exploration and a deeper dive within the self, and the understanding of how to take your power back not by theory but by actual practice. The natural progression of the course has aided my understanding of healing layer by layer, and sometimes it did show where I'm resisting the change and further exploring it. Susan is a wonderful coach, she has guided me through this journey and is always happy to answer whatever question I had.  It has been an intensive program, with a lot of emotions and incidents emerging and understanding how to deal with them and release what no longer serves me. I definitely came out knowing that I shouldn't settle for less than I deserve and releasing the beliefs that are not mine. Inner child work was the most challenging for me to access but also it shed some light on where I need to focus more on moving in forward. I enjoyed it because it gave me an access point and with Susan's help, I connected with my inner child easier. I truly enjoyed the guided morning/evening meditations, and affirmations because they added a new routine and I have definitely seen some positive changes that were manifesting in my life. Thank you so much Susan, I really appreciate you, your work, and our relationship. You have been an amazing mentor! It has been such a pleasure to work with you and I'm sure I'll pop by again in the future. RA



Much love and gratitude for your kind love offering donations that allow me to bring you channeled messages of love, inspiration, and guidance as we all evolve and awaken on our own unique spiritual paths.


What clients say about working with me...

I can move forward...

It was an emotional afternoon, with lots of laughter, lots of tears, and definitely a great deal of healing. Susan has a gift and comfort about her that is so precious. I feel now that I can move forward with a newfound understanding of my past. Having a reading with Susan is an incredibly personal and moving experience, and one can not help but feel forever changed after experiencing it.
- LG

A sense of peacefulness...

Our time together opens my mind and eases the anxiety of what life's expectations may be from me. Susan has a spirit that makes you want to live your life with strength and positivity. After our sessions I find myself breathing deeper, looking at life differently, and having an amazing sense of peacefulness that surrounds me. Her voice and encouragement remain with me until I see her again for another enlightening experience.
- TT

It was uncanny...

Each experience has been enlightening, life-enhancing, problem-solving and relaxing. When Susan told me what she was being told by my crossed-over mother, I knew she was a true professional – it was uncanny. We did card reading and it, too, was spot-on. I recently had chakra balancing and vibration energizing and I felt results immediately. In addition to Susan’s professionalism, she is a terrific teacher and a lovely person. I highly recommend Susan – even if you are a skeptic!
- Lori W

A healing when I needed it most...

There’s healing & then there’s spiritual healing. A weight that lifts off your shoulders & a peace of mind you never knew you needed. I met Susan at such a low & chaotic time in my life. She helped me make changes I never knew I was strong enough to handle. She gave me the confidence to make those changes without anymore hesitation. Susan is amazing at what she does. She has helped me keep my grandma & my beloved dog close in ways I didn’t realize were possible! D.O.