Are You Betraying Yourself?

The moment you become what someone else wants you to be is the moment you betray yourself.

  • How many times have you given in and put your needs last?
  • Are you living someone else’s dream instead of your dream?
  • What parts of yourself are a false image you present to the world to feel accepted?
Think about how many times in your life you sacrificed what you truly wanted to do to please someone else. Some of you may be in careers that were forced upon you at a young age. Filled with high expectations of what you should do in life, not what you love to do in your life, but instead what was expected of you. Let’s face it, your parents and those in authority may have had good intentions believing they knew what was best for you, but in the long run it may have been what was best for them. When a parent begins to realize they didn’t live their dream they often find themselves cheering on their children and begin to live their dreams through them.
There is an intense feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you know in your heart you are doing something out of alignment with who you are. This is your intuition antenna screaming at you!
  • How long are you willing to betray who you really are?
  • What if honoring yourself was the key that opens the door to living your dream?
  • In what ways do you betray yourself, silence your needs, and pretend all is well?
Years go by, and the next thing you know you are still pleasing others and living their dream. Somewhere along the way you lost your identity! Who you once aspired to be is no longer in existence. You may look in the mirror and not even recognize who you are anymore. Let me tell you something, that little girl or boy is still inside you wanting to be everything it has always desired to be. 
There is no age limit on living your dream!
It’s never too late to find yourself again. What you believe is what you will achieve. When you learn the value of honoring your true self, you learn the importance of living your life purpose, not someone else’s.
This week I challenge you to really look at the ways in which you betray your authentic self by not speaking up, putting yourself last, doing what other people want even if you have no desire to do it, and maybe even living a dream that never existed in your heart in the first place.
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 Much Love & Blessings, Susan
Spiritual Transformational Life Coach
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