Are You Over Giving? / Weekly Words of Wisdom with Susan 11.1.2021

When was the last time you acknowledged your younger self deep inside you?

Throughout the years we experience many life lessons. These could include really hard times but also really proud moments. The younger version of yourself is often locked inside a room deep within your subconscious mind yet plays a significant part of who you are as an adult.

The experiences that you had as a young child both good and bad is where you begin to form opinions and judgments of yourself. You tend to carry them forward in your life and they become either useful or the pieces that continue to hold you hostage.

Sometimes as a young child you learn that if you can make sure everyone else is happy it will keep the peace.  You go above and beyond what is expected of you just to make sure everyone is taken care of, and your surroundings stay calm.

This process makes you feel more in control
Let me explain. If you find yourself continuously helping someone and coming to their rescue, you are attempting to control the situation and prevent chaos eruption. This is a never-ending cycle. Perhaps you are tampering with someone else’s life lesson. Who’s to say if they will continue a path of destruction with or without you.
What if hitting rock bottom is what they need to shift them into transformation?
Does it feel scary to let go and not feel needed?
Do you feel exhausted from others draining your energy? 
This behavior to keep the peace by helping everyone else out of a jam is not keeping the peace within you.  Instead, it is preventing you from finding your peace.

When you can let go of continuously helping others at the expense of your own sanity, you will then allow the peace you seek to come into your life.  You see, as you become older this becomes a habit and you may find yourself the go to person, the one who can accomplish it all, and the one who will help everyone but does not help herself.

Where does it end? And where do you begin?

Often you lose your identity because you’re so busy being everyone else’s identity.

This week begin to focus on where you are giving too much of yourself and where you are offering help where HELP has not been asked for.
  • Where are you giving advice when others aren’t asking for advice?
  • Where are you overstepping and not staying on your side of the street?
You see it all begins with you. Even if you learned at a young age that you feel wanted and loved when you were so helpful, there comes a time when you need to rescue that young child within you and let that child know they no longer need to continue rescuing everyone else just to feel loved and needed.
Your assignment for the week is to recognize where you are over-giving, over-helping, and rescuing others. 
Isn’t it about time to free yourself!  Know that you are always needed and loved without being the doormat for everyone else to step on.
 Love & Blessings, Susan

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