Are You Stuck in Bad Habits?

What habits are you stuck in?
It’s easy to get caught up in the routine of your life. When you get up in the morning you have your everyday ritual, and you can basically do it with your eyes closed because it has become such a repetitive routine.If you were to look at your life through a microscope you probably could point out many instances where your body and mind follows a daily protocol as if you’re in a robotic shell programmed to achieve the same result day in and day out.
Your subconscious mind, which is like a powerful hard drive, is 95% of your mind. It loves to create habits and repetitive patterns. It does not like to deviate from these habits and believes it is protecting you by reminding you to do the same routines over and over again. Now it doesn’t matter if these habits are good or bad, just if you stay on the familiar path and don’t step out of your comfort zone. Because if you do step out of your comfort zone you unknowingly set off alarms in your subconscious mind to stop you and bring you back to what it knows as your familiar routine.
  • What fears, doubts, and emotions come up when you attempt to do something different and step out of your comfort zone?
  • What excuses do you make to let yourself off the hook so you can go back to your old habits?
Whatever emotions are coming up are surfacing from your subconscious mind to alert you that you are doing something different and it doesn’t feel familiar to your subconscious mind. Therefore, your subconscious mind can perceive this as a threat which in turn creates chemicals to alert your body – Go Back to Safety!
Understand, your subconscious mind is your friend and even though it will work hard to keep you doing the same habits, it is also opened to change if you are willing to take charge of your life and make those changes become a permanent habit.You’ve probably heard that in order to change or break a habit you need to do a new behavior for at least 21 days. Now research shows it should be 66 days. Whatever the time limit is, you must be willing to repeat this new routine and recognize you are installing new software for your subconscious mind to reprogram. The more you repeat this new behavior, the faster your subconscious mind will welcome it in as an accepted routine.
As you begin your day, pay attention to what you are doing instead of slipping into that robotic behavior. If you are wanting to begin a new positive healthy habit, then start creating it. Let your subconscious mind know you are installing a new program and upgrade. When it attempts to bring you back to the old habit of familiarity, catch yourself and take control of this new version you are upgrading to. Continue to repeat this new behavior…..REPEAT…REPEAT…REPEAT. Repetition is key!This week I challenge you to find something in your daily routine that you can shift and change to begin creating and installing new positive habits in your life.
Always remember, you are more than your pain, more than your scars, and more than your fear.

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 Much Love & Blessings, Susan
Spiritual Transformational Life Coach
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