What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and gave yourself a compliment?Most of you probably answered….NEVER! Do you ever wonder what that person in the mirror looking back at you is feeling? Well, I’m willing to bet she or he is feeling neglected, ignored, unloved, unworthy, and defeated. Think of all the … Read more

How Often Do You Blame Others?

How often do you blame someone else for your outcomes? Let’s face it, we have all been there and done that. But in what ways has it helped you? It may feel good in the moment but eventually that blame turns into resentment. If you let this blame and resentment continue to hang out inside of … Read more

Is It Time To Surrender?

How many times have you kept pushing for something to happen only to find yourself getting nowhere? You live in a society that encourages you to push forward, work hard, never give up, and persevere. While the intention to strive and succeed is motivated to keep you evolving, it can also leave you feeling as … Read more

Does Anxiety Run Your Life?

Do you ever notice how your entire body reacts when you are feeling anxious? Suddenly your heart starts beating faster, your palms become sweaty, and your breathing becomes shallow. Anxiety is the most common mental health issue today. Some of you may have experienced forms of anxiety throughout the course of your life, while others … Read more

Do You Live in the Present Moment?

How often do you allow yourself to live in the present moment? Considering your mind is constantly flowing with over 60,000 thoughts at any given time it’s no wonder you may find it difficult to live in the present moment. Wondering what to do about an upcoming event or stuck in heavy emotions connected to … Read more

Do You See the Cup as Half Full or Half Empty?

Do you see the cup half full or half empty? As you embark on your life’s journey you may have encountered times when you were able to see the cup half full as well as times when you saw it as half empty. So, what exactly does that mean?For those of you who tend to … Read more

Do You Hold Onto Resentment?

How often do you allow yourself to hold onto resentment, anger, criticism, and guilt? Obviously feeling happy, grateful, excited, and peaceful are wonderful, but part of the experience of life on planet Earth is to learn how to cope and deal with all the challenges that life can bring. However, that doesn’t mean you’re supposed … Read more

What Are You Avoiding?

How often do you avoid your feelings or ignore what needs your attention? At some point in your life, you may have learned that it felt safer to avoid your feelings than to express them and to ignore what needs your attention, so you didn’t have to deal with any unpleasantries. Sometimes letting your feelings … Read more

What Do You Do When You Feel Helpless?

The game of life comes in many different shapes, sizes, scenarios, and obstacles that can really throw you off course. Sometimes it isn’t even your life, but a loved one or friend’s life that you are watching fall apart. It is in times like these where feelings of helplessness can be overwhelming. You may have … Read more

What Life Story Are You Creating With Your Thoughts?

If you were to write down 50% of what you say to yourself daily, what would your story look like? Considering you have over 60,000 thoughts going through your mind on a daily basis it’s no wonder you often find yourself stuck in the same old stuff. Knowing your subconscious mind is all about routine … Read more