Are You Stuck in Bad Habits?

What habits are you stuck in? It’s easy to get caught up in the routine of your life. When you get up in the morning you have your everyday ritual, and you can basically do it with your eyes closed because it has become such a repetitive routine.If you were to look at your life … Read more

Do You Walk on Eggshells?

Do you walk on eggshells? While this may not apply to everyone, there are times in your life when you are influenced by a family member, friend, colleague, co-worker, partner, or boss that makes you feel nervous to be around. They may have a powerful presence that can also be quite charismatic. Getting lost in … Read more

How Do You Feel When You Let Go and Surrender?

How do you feel when you let go and surrender? Sometimes taking yourself out of the equation can be the answer to your prayers. Trying to control a situation can lead to prolonged outcomes, feeling stuck, and the inability to take a step forward. When you can relax and let go of forcing what you want … Read more

Do You Desire More Peace in Your Life?

Are you wanting more peace in your life? Well, who wouldn’t want more peace! What exactly does peace mean to you? Having peace within your relationships, work environment, within yourself, and outside in your world is something we all need and desire. Everything is energy and that includes peace. While peace is a feeling, it is … Read more

What Would You Be Doing in Life if You Couldn’t Fail?

What if you were guaranteed you would not fail no matter what you did in your life? Think of the opportunities you would take and how different your life would be right now! Often the fear of failure becomes a safety zone where it is easy to succumb to living an ordinary life. Within this ordinary life … Read more

How Often Do You Blame Others?

How often do you find yourself blaming others for how you feel?When you blame others you are placing yourself in the victim role and you can’t win in the victim role! I understand how easy it is to get pulled into that mentality of blaming another for how you are feeling. When another person in … Read more

What Does Valentine’s Day Mean to You?

Happy Valentine’s Day! According to the legend, the day is celebrated to mark the death anniversary of Saint Valentine who died in mid-February in 270 AD. It is said that Saint Valentine was a priest, who defied emperors’ orders and secretly married couples to spare husbands from war. There are many more assumptions and we may … Read more

Are You Betraying Yourself?

The moment you become what someone else wants you to be is the moment you betray yourself. How many times have you given in and put your needs last? Are you living someone else’s dream instead of your dream? What parts of yourself are a false image you present to the world to feel accepted?   … Read more

Are Regrets Controlling Your Life?

How familiar are you with these words? If only I did that…….I should have said that…….I wish I didn’t do that! “Regrets, I’ve had a few,” in the song, “I Did It My Way,” definitely sums it up. Look, we all have regrets, some more than others, but replaying the “should have” mantra in your head doesn’t magically … Read more

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