Do You Desire More Peace in Your Life?

Are you wanting more peace in your life?
Well, who wouldn’t want more peace! What exactly does peace mean to you?
Having peace within your relationships, work environment, within yourself, and outside in your world is something we all need and desire. Everything is energy and that includes peace. While peace is a feeling, it is also created with a thought and a belief.
  • How are you showing up in your world in regard to peace?
  • Do you get lost in gossip, chaos, judgment, and drama?
  • Do you let your ego take over and demand that your opinion is right?
  • What action are you taking to create the peace you desire in your life?
You are a powerful magnet of energy! If you’re seeking peace, let me remind you that it begins with you! When you make the choice to focus your thoughts on love, peace, and gratitude, you are creating a magnetic energetic vibration that goes out into the Universe searching for a match. If you focus your attention on judgment of others, being opinionated, focusing on fear, lack, anger, and frustration, well my friend, this is also creating a magnetic energetic vibration that also goes out into the Universe seeking a perfect match.
You can’t have peace in your outside world if you don’t have peace in your inside world first!
  • Are you filling yourself up with thoughts and feelings of the vibration of peace or with the vibration of judgment?
  • Are you filling yourself up with thoughts and feelings of fear and lack, or prosperity and abundance?
Understand, you are here at this time for a reason and how you participate as an individual in this world plays a significant part overall. You may say, “How can I have peace when there’s so much chaos in the world? I’m only one person, I can’t make a difference, I can only do so much!” However, as one person you actually can do so much!
Each one of you is filled with energy, the world is energy, your thoughts are energy. Everything vibrates, everything is a frequency, and again if you allow yourself to get caught up in fear, anger, judgment, and gossip then all these things you’re doing will not bring you peace. Why? Because you are not shining your light. You are not creating the peace that you seek within you if you are focused on judging others filled with anger.
You have the freedom to make whatever choice you desire. You can fill yourself up with fear, anger, and judgment. Which will never create peace in yourself nor in your world. Or you can choose to stop judging others, stop thinking you’re the only one that has all the right answers, and get out of your ego and into your heart.
Because in the end what matters is that you show up as the best version of yourself filled with love and with peace. That vibration, my friend, will light you up more than any opinion you think you’re debating upon and unsuccessfully trying to win.
It all begins with you……you cannot have peace in your outside world until you have peace IN YOUR INSIDE WORLD. Why not start right now!
I challenge you this week to pay attention to when your thoughts and feelings begin to drift into the danger zone of judgment, fear, and lack. Notice when this happens, acknowledge it, and let these unwanted feelings know you are choosing to let PEACE run the show instead of your ego. After all, Peace will bring you wonderful blessings!
Always remember, you are more than your pain, more than your scars, and more than your fear. Why? Because YOU ARE AMAZING!
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 Much Love & Blessings, Susan
Spiritual Transformational Life Coach
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