Do You Walk on Eggshells?

Do you walk on eggshells?

While this may not apply to everyone, there are times in your life when you are influenced by a family member, friend, colleague, co-worker, partner, or boss that makes you feel nervous to be around.
They may have a powerful presence that can also be quite charismatic. Getting lost in their web of manipulation can make you question yourself and your own worth. At first glance this person may feel genuine and loving but as time goes on you may find a hidden agenda lies within.
  • When did it become easier to hold in your anger just to avoid escalating their anger?
  • How often do you make excuses for their behavior?
  • Do you have trouble making your own decisions?
Being the peacekeeper can be exhausting. Holding in your anger can be very destructive to your health and the longer you ignore your emotions the weaker you become in your energy field. Before you know it you have lost yourself and when you look in the mirror you don’t even know who you are anymore.If you are someone who walks around on eggshells not wanting to upset this person in your life, it is important to take the time to look within and recognize why you are allowing this person to control you.
Manipulation is a form of control. Manipulation is defined as an attempt to sway someone’s emotions to get them to act or feel a certain way. People who manipulate may not even know they are doing it, but it is how they learned at a young age to get their needs met. They tend to have very common tricks they use to make you feel irrational. You begin to question your own intentions, feel guilty, and eventually they get you to give in to their requests.It is never too late to realize you have lost your way in supporting someone else’s life.
  • Do you feel happy and free when you’re not around this person?
  • What steps can you take to set boundaries and stand your ground?
This week recognize if you have people in your life that you tend to walk on eggshells around and where you feel you can’t fully be yourself or speak your truth. Isn’t it time you take back your life, honor yourself, and know that you are enough?
Always remember, you are more than your pain, more than your scars, and more than your fear.

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