How Do You Feel When You Let Go and Surrender?

How do you feel when you let go and surrender?
Sometimes taking yourself out of the equation can be the answer to your prayers.
Trying to control a situation can lead to prolonged outcomes, feeling stuck, and the inability to take a step forward. When you can relax and let go of forcing what you want to happen, you open up room for it to appear.

The power you hold within you is so incredible, yet it can be detrimental if overused. Everything is aligned to come at the perfect time for you but if you insist it must come immediately you are pushing against the flow of the Universe.

While it is not pleasant to sit in moments of frustration searching for ideas to solve your problems, it is important to understand surrendering and letting go can speed up the results you desire.

Within every problem there is a lesson and within every lesson there is an answer.

Demanding the answer be revealed to you instantly will only push it further away. If you are feeling overwhelmed, place this issue in God’s hands, your Creator’s hands, the Universe’s hands….and trust that everything will be resolved in the time that is meant to.

The more you stay in your head, over-thinking, worrying, and creating possible outcomes that haven’t even happened, the more you are creating these worrisome events to happen!

Give yourself a much needed break and hand it over, relax, have faith, and surrender your control. When you free your mind from this fear and worry, you free yourself!

Always remember, you are more than your pain, more than your scars, and more than your fear.

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