How Do You React? / Weekly Words of Wisdom with Susan / 11.15.2021

What is your typical response when things don’t go as planned?

Looking over your life, there are times when your plans didn’t go exactly as you wished and perhaps left you feeling upset and overwhelmed.During these unexpected times did you react with anger, frustration, or simply go with the flow? As you maneuver through your life’s journey you will encounter many paths, detours, and unexpected roadblocks. Sure, it is easy to fly off the handle and let your blood pressure go through the roof when you are faced with changes that completely come out of nowhere and throw you off course. But how is that serving you? It may feel great in the moment, but in the long run you are allowing your body to react as if a grizzly bear is standing right in front of you planning a buffet.

Allowing yourself to react emotionally without taking a moment to breathe and think things through only keeps you in this fight or flight mode that is causing all kinds of havoc on your body. You are equipped to handle many situations and you are filled with many emotions to explore and feel. But at what expense are you willing to sacrifice your health?The next time you find yourself in a situation where you are challenged with frustration, take the first step in honoring your body by taking that slow, deep breath and calming yourself down first before you react.  You are truly the only one taking care of you so start today by loving yourself enough.

Don’t be a walking time bomb whenever life throws you a curveball. Remember, there is always a lesson within every situation. Maybe the lesson is how you will react! This week I challenge you to pay attention to your reactions and notice where you can love yourself enough to calm yourself down before you attack.
  • Take that slow deep breath
  • Count to ten
  • Look at the situation from a different perspective
  • Ask what lesson you are being given
  • Switch your thoughts – focus on gratitude and what makes you happy
  • Use positive inner self-talk – You Got This!
Even though change isn’t always easy it can happen to push you in a different direction that is more aligned with your purpose. Maybe your reaction will open up new opportunities instead of letting anger push them away.
  Love & Blessings, Susan
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