Spiritual Readings

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Let's work together to uncover the answers to your most important questions.

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Spiritual Readings

Mediumship Readings

In my mid-twenties I was suddenly diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis, which led me on a road of self-discovery and life-altering healings and transformations. During this healing journey I became certified in Reiki which opened up my gifts of healing, intuitive readings, and mediumship.

Losing a loved one is truly one of the most difficult challenges you may face in your lifetime. Moving through the many different aspects of grief can take quite some time to heal. One day you may feel extremely lonely, and the next filled with anger. As you try to make sense of all the emotions you are feeling, I am here to offer you guidance, healing, and loving support.

Connecting with your loved one is a gift that I feel truly honored and blessed to be a part of. While I have no control over who may come through during a reading, I have found that whatever message you are needing to hear will be brought into your awareness.

Intuitive Psychic Readings

During your reading, I will briefly review your Energetic Blueprint if you have filled out the necessary information when you signed up. Your Energetic Blueprint will contain your Sun, Moon, and Rising Astrological Signs and your Numerology Imprint, which contains your Life Path Number, Destiny Number, Personality Number, Soul’s Desire Number, and Karmic Lessons, (if you have any in this lifetime). Guides and past lives may also be revealed during your reading.

I will be connecting with your energy and work with your Spirit Team to bring insight to the questions you may have. My desire is to help you come to a greater understanding of your life’s purpose, your strengths, your weaknesses, and to understand how your name, birthdate, and so much more play a part in who you are and who you came here to be.

There will be time for questions, it is highly encouraged to have a short list of questions ready.


Chakra Calibration and Reiki Healing

Your job is to simply relax while you are wrapped in the Spiritual Chakra Cocoon made of satin scarves that are blessed with high vibrational energy!

In your session, you will receive a full scan of your main energy centers (Chakras 1 through 7), and hands-on Reiki energy healing infusion through your entire body. Your healing session will also include channeled Ascended Masters and Healers that work through me.

Each session is specifically designed to enhance, calibrate, heal, and release blocks in each of your chakras. By removing blocks and releasing trapped negative energy, you will find yourself with a new life force energy that will not only give you a sense of well-being to heal emotionally and physically but will also regenerate cells and clear energy fields.

This process opens up your life for new beginnings and opportunities, as well as alignment and rejuvenation to your core essence.

You will find you are more balanced in your body, mind, and spirit.