Step into Your Magnificence and Discover the Wisdom of Your Inner Child


Discover Your Soul's Journey and Come Back Home to You! 

As a spiritual being living a human experience, it can be really difficult at times trying to navigate life and all the obstacles that can throw you off course. As your Spiritual Intuitive Earth Guide, I am here to support you and help you discover your true potential.

My goal is to bring you guidance, clarity, and meet your needs to the best of my ability. Therefore, I've created a package of 3 one-on-one 2-Hour sessions to serve you best!

During these sessions we will be deep diving into the parts of your soul that hold hidden gems to unlock your highest potential.

Each session you will be spending time with your inner child learning where your blocks and limiting beliefs were first created. With the wisdom and guidance of your inner child, along with the support of your Spirit Team, you will embark on a journey that will offer you the opportunity to take quantum leaps that transform your life.

BONUS - Free Personalized Guided Meditation Created Specifically for YOU!

3 Personalized Soul Tribe

Coaching Sessions Include:


  • Three 2-Hour One-on-One Personalized Coaching Sessions Unique to YOU

  • Personalized Guided Meditation Created Specifically Unique to your needs (mp3)

  • Binary Affirmations - Personalized just for YOU (mp3)

  • Awakening the Inner Child Guided Meditations with your Spirit Team

  • Ho'oponopono Healing

  • (NLP) Neurolinguistic Programming - Erasing Blocks & Limiting Beliefs

  • (EMDR) Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing - Balance Giving & Receiving

  • Email Support

  • Access to Private Facebook Group

All Zoom Sessions will be recorded for your convenience