Step into Your Magnificence and Heal Your Body, Mind, & Spirit!

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We will be exploring different topics to enhance your journey as you Heal Your Body and Step into Your Magnificence!

I am excited to work with you and share the knowledge I have gained through life experiences to bring you the results you are looking for!

You will receive an assortment of GOODIES each week prior to our Group Zoom Sessions!

BONUS - Free Personalized Guided Meditation Created Specifically for YOU!

 These goodies will be specific to each week’s topic

  • Breakfast for The Soul Guided Meditations - listen to every morning (total of 6) (mp3)
  • Bedtime Stories for The Soul Guided Meditations - listen to every evening (total of 6) (mp3)
  • Affirmations & Inspiration to Fuel the Soul (mp3)
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  • Are you ready to feel healthy again and enjoy your life?
  • Are you wanting to learn more about who you are on a soul level?
  • Discover what has been keeping you hostage in your body and set yourself free.
  • Your body is speaking to you, what do you think it's trying to tell you?
  • Unlock the patterns and habits that are keeping you in the same old familiar behaviors.
  • Find out what your inner child is needing from you to heal. 
  • Discover how you can be your own best friend and cheerleader!
  • Are you ready to take back your life and make it worth living?




Discover where in your timeline you began to experience illness, disease, or any other type of health issues. During this awakening process, you are opening hidden doors and self-neglect connected to past experiences where the pattern of low self-worth, suppressed anger, resentment, forgiveness, criticism, guilt, and self-punishment were formed. Your life scenarios created the opportunity for your physical body to become depleted and attacked. Identifying the pattern is key in healing those wounds.

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Can you imagine how much nurturing and loving support you could give your little one if you were the parent that your inner child has always needed? During this healing process you will be connecting with your inner child as that parent you desired. During this timeframe you will invoke positive habitual changes inviting new beliefs about self-approval, self-acceptance, self-worth, self-respect, and self-unconditional love. As you forgive past mistakes and release resentment you will enable old wounds to begin healing that younger version of you that needs your loving support.

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As you progress in this course you will be taking ownership of the times in your life where you allowed others to take advantage of you and discovering why. Identifying your ability to punish your physical body with illness and understanding the power to reverse that belief and heal the wounds that have resulted in disease or illness. Recognizing how your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and habitual patterns and how they contributed to your unhealthy experiences. You will be surprised at what your body has been teaching you!



You are the master of your body, your thoughts, and your healing. In this module you will discover how your body speaks to you, the power of your subconscious mind, how all of this relates to your health. Creating new neuropathways from old wounds and beliefs, understanding your chakra energy centers, and why becoming a victim no longer needs to be your default system.



This week you will dive deep into the belief systems and areas of your life where your body began to shut down. You will receive a personalized unique hypnotherapy session along with Reiki healing during your 90 minute session. We will be reprogramming your inner critic and installing new brainwave software to enhance healing and forgiveness as well as Neuro-Linguistic Programing to help dissolve old wounds and make room for Divine energy to restore, rejuvenate, and replenish your energy field and physical body.



This week you will be reviewing everything you have learned over the past 6 weeks. How to maintain your health going forward as well as applying the knowledge of how the body talks to you as a guide and alert system. Learning healing with crystals and essential oils as well as creating your achievement board, vision board, and affirmations as you embark on your journey into perfect health.