Step into Your Magnificence and Take Back Your Power!


This particular SIYM course is about discovering where you have lost yourself and how you can discover the magic of taking back your power and reuniting with your true self!

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Are you wondering if this course is for you?

Take the quiz below to help you decide. If you have answered YES to most questions – then this course is definitely for you!

  • Are you the one everyone comes to for help?
  • Do you hold in your emotions to keep the peace?
  • Are you a people pleaser?
  • Do you set boundaries and then give in?
  • Do you feel it’s necessary to fix other people’s problems so you can feel better yourself?
  • Do you have trouble making decisions?
  • Have you lost your identity along the way?
  • Do you put other people’s desires and needs above your own?
  • Are there people in your life who constantly need your attention?
  • Do you say yes when you want to say no?
  • Do you walk on eggshells waiting for the other shoe to drop?
  • Do you have people in your life who love to vent all their problems onto you and then they walk away feeling great while you end up feeling drained?

We will be exploring different topics each week that are designed to help you understand where you lost your power and how you can regain your power and keep it!

I wanted to keep this nice and cozy and be available to spend more time with you to meet your needs!

You will receive an assortment of GOODIES each week prior to our Group Zoom Sessions!

 These goodies will be specific to each week’s topic

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  • Affirmations & Inspiration to Fuel the Soul (mp3)
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MODULE ONE - The Energy Exchange and How it Affects You – The Perfect Dance

In week 1 you will discover the power of your own energy as well as how others around you can steal your energy. We will review topics related to toxic people, what is an empath and how you need to shield your energy, energy vampires, narcissists, borderlines, and other personality disorders. Identifying relationships and the dance they play in your life, codependency, highly functioning codependents, addictions, and gaslighting


MODULE TWO - The Inner Child and Regaining Your Power

In week 2 you will be connecting and working with your inner child understanding what learned behaviors paved the way for you to fall in the category of people pleaser, the go-to-person, the rescuer, and peace maker. You will discover where you abandoned yourself, how emotional neglect can impact your adult self, what is enmeshment and trauma bonding, and what happened to who you used to be, and how you can embrace your true self.

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MODULE THREE - Let the Healing Begin

This week you will be committing to rebuilding yourself, finding how to tap into your willpower, setting boundaries and keeping them, forgiveness, resentment, self-care, honoring you, cleansing your energy field, understanding manipulation, learning who you are now because of who you were then.



During week 4 you are discovering the parts of yourself that became lost along the way when you decided it was more important to please others and keep the peace. Losing your self identity is very common for empaths, people pleasers, and peacekeepers. At this point of your journey you will begin to see and love the parts of yourself you left behind and welcome them back in.



MODULE FIVE - Standing Your Ground

Throughout your life you have made certain decisions based on how you felt inside. These decisions may have allowed you to feel in control, but they have also created times where you would sacrifice your needs in return.  Forgiving yourself and recognizing why you allowed others to take advantage will be a piece of the puzzle that sets you free. During this session you will receive a personalized unique hypnotherapy session to begin releasing the old stagnant energy and beliefs that have kept you from moving forward. You will also be implementing new behavioral patterns to assist you on your journey in taking back your power, and Reiki healing to clear your path.



MODULE SIX - It Is Safe to Be Me – Taking Back Your Power and Keeping It

This final week you will reflect on everything you have learned throughout this course and align with self-love, self-worth, and self-respect. You have reached a point where your self-awareness gifts you with a newfound confidence that will bring you the freedom and liberation you seek. Applying the techniques you have learned in this course, understanding the lessons involved you came here to learn, taking ownership of who you allow into your life going forward, and standing firm in honoring yourself first.