Step Into Your Magnificence and Transform Your Life!

We will be exploring different topics to enhance your journey and transform your life into Magnificence!

I wanted to keep this nice and cozy and be available to spend more time with you to meet your needs!

You will receive an assortment of GOODIES each week prior to our Group Zoom Sessions!

BONUS - Free Personalized Guided Meditation Created Specifically for YOU!

 These goodies will be specific to each week’s topic

  • Breakfast for The Soul Guided Meditations - listen to every morning (6 total) (mp3)
  • Bedtime Stories for The Soul Guided Meditations - listen to every evening (6 total) (mp3)
  • Affirmations & Inspiration to Fuel the Soul (mp3)
  • PDF Worksheets
  • Audio/Video Recordings
  • Meet for 90 minutes each week (6 weeks) in Zoom Session
  • Personalized hypnotherapy sessions (and mp3)
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  • Lifetime Access

All Zoom Sessions will be recorded for your convenience

  • Are you feeling pulled to step onto a new path but don't know where to begin?
  • Are you wanting to learn more about who you are on a soul level?
  • Do you wish you could figure out what your blocks and fears are that hold you back?
  • How does your Spirit Team and Physical Team play a part in your life?
  • What patterns keep repeating in your life and how can you maneuver through them?
  • Would you like to know how to work with your inner child so you can heal old wounds and break down blocks?
  • Do you know you are here to do something, but you don’t know what that is supposed to be?
  • Have you worked on manifesting before but didn’t get results?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this is for you!

Below is an overview of what you'll be learning & discovering in 6 weeks!



This week is the beginning of your journey into deeper self-discovery. You will be creating a timeline to help you reveal patterns that are keeping you from truly stepping into your power. Become aware of hidden fears, doubts, low self-esteem, financial worries, and feelings of unworthiness that have kept you stuck. We will discuss Spirit Teams and Physical Teams, the role we all play, how the most challenging people in our lives are our greatest teachers, and how all of this impacts your belief system. You will also receive your own Energetic Blueprint (if you haven’t received one from me already from a previous private session). Your Energetic Blueprint is unique and specific to you. It is a mixture of Numerology and Astrology that holds energetic information serving as a reminder of the lessons you came here to learn and work through. These lessons can be very revealing and helpful as you Step into Your Magnificence.



Now that you are becoming more acquainted with your patterns and limiting beliefs, it’s time to dive a little deeper! Connecting with your inner child is an important aspect of moving through the blocks and limitations that may be holding you back. This week you will be the magical parent your inner child needs. Even if you had a wonderful childhood, this process helps you discover what you need that you did not get as a child, (we all have missing pieces that need some love). Learning that familiar feelings are connected to familiar events and people in your life can often reveal hidden roadblocks. This week you will be giving your little one permission to express emotions, create new self-worth, forgive, and love yourself unconditionally.



Now that you’ve cleared some blocks and made some discoveries about your true authentic self, it’s time to tap into your life’s purpose. Whether your desire is to make an impact on the world, help others, or just feel happy doing what you love, this week you will be enlightened as you become aware of your true passion and how you have the power to make it your reality. Discover how setting boundaries will allow you to take back your power! You will be learning the true essence of gratitude and how your self-talk can be your best friend.



Get ready to tap into the power of your subconscious mind! You will be identifying how the lessons in your life play a key role in how you navigate through your life’s journey. Learn how repatterning your brain will make room for new outcomes to emerge. Discover the magic of mind-heart coherence as it brings a powerful vibration of necessary fuel attracting the outcomes you are seeking into your life. Discover the missing ingredients to manifesting your dreams and be ready to receive your gifts!



This week you will be creating your achievement board, vision book, and personal affirmations to keep you on track. Discover where you are needing to take inspired action and where you are needing to surrender and let go. You will be working on healing the parts inside you that need your attention so you can make room for wonderful, new beginnings to fill that space. Understanding that the old version of you has served it's purpose, but now it is time to let the new you shine bright as you Step into Your Magnificence!




Let's wrap it up! It is time to review everything you have learned over the past 6 weeks. During this session we will review any questions or concerns you may have going forward. This week you will experience your own personal hypnotherapy session that is unique to your needs.  At this point in your journey it is important to release what has been holding you back and create new visions and patterns that align with the next chapter of your life. You are ready to embrace your true authentic self with confidence and self-assurance. During this session you will be repatterning old beliefs and blocks and transforming them into new patterns and beliefs that will provide you the tools you need to step into your true power. Your decision to take this course has alerted the Universe that you are ready to honor yourself and enjoy your life! Be prepared for opportunities to arise and doors to open up as you create a powerful vibration to attract what you desire.