Channeling Groups

Spirits and Beyond Channeling Group Online & Meetup
Days & Times for Groups will be announced soon!

Welcome to Susan’s Spirits and Beyond Channeling Group where you will experience messages from Ascended Masters and Archangels.
Each group session is limited to 10 people. You will be able to reserve your spot online once we have the dates and times set up.
Susan will channel an inspirational message from one of the Master’s or Angels for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. She will then call upon each individual in the group so they may ask one question of the Master or Angel coming through. While channeling the individual message, she will stand behind you with her hands gently placed on your shoulders allowing you to also receive vibrational healing throughout your body as well as the message intended for you regarding the particular question you ask. (Please note; during the online channeling Susan will be sending vibrational healing as well but she will be sending it through intention).

Please be advised that the following Channeling Rules are to be strictly followed.

  • All attendees must arrive on time
  • There will be no admission after the channeling begins
  • No one shall leave during the channeling session – this will disrupt the energy vibration
  • The fees for the channeling are $15 per person and everyone is welcome to give a love offering if desired