Tarot Readings

What does my love life look like?  What about my career? Should I move to another place?  How is my health? What college should I choose? What job offer is best for me?  

These and many more questions always come up in a reading.  It would be wonderful if we could all look in that crystal ball and see every scenario play out so we could pick the best one.  Tarot Readings allow Susan to offer each client their own unique reading. Once the client touches the cards they put their energy imprint on them and the channeling vibration of psychic energy begins to flow.  When you feel stuck and need guidance a Tarot Reading can help in so many ways.

These cards offer Susan a clear channel for psychic energy to connect her with the client’s energy and are powerful transmitters.  The cards work through the power of symbols and they are seen as modern and useful for divination and guidance on our life’s journey.