Psychic Medium

Susan has ten plus years’ experience as a Professional Evidential Psychic Medium. Susan is honored to use her gifts to help others move forward with their lives, heal their grief, find closure, and guidance.

Susan receives her gifts by seeing, hearing, and feeling spirits. Susan helps crossed over loved ones bring through reassurance, closure, and validation that they are safe and well on the other side. As an Evidential Medium, Susan is able to bring through validating the information that only the client knows. She serves as a channel for crossed over loved ones to help those still living on Earth to begin the process of healing. Her readings are filled with love and pure intention assuring the messages are for the highest good of the person receiving the reading. Susan acts as a conduit allowing only the highest vibration to enter her space permitting crossed over loved ones, guides, and teachers to work through her bringing healing, closure, and insight to the client. She also sees spirit animal guides which have significant meanings for each individual pertaining to their current circumstances and needs they are experiencing.