What Do You Do When You Feel Helpless?

The game of life comes in many different shapes, sizes, scenarios, and obstacles that can really throw you off course. Sometimes it isn’t even your life, but a loved one or friend’s life that you are watching fall apart.
It is in times like these where feelings of helplessness can be overwhelming. You may have offered advice, jumped through hoops, and bent over backwards running to their rescue with no end in sight. Sometimes all you can do is watch helplessly as someone you love travels down the path of destruction.
Everyone has free will and everyone is living their own life story. While you are playing a role in this person’s life story, they are still holding the starring role where they choose how they proceed. Attempting to control them only pushes them further away.The helplessness you feel is a result of you doing everything in your power to heal their wounds, knowing full well they are the only ones who can truly do their own healing when and if they are ready. Your support will be needed when they are ready, but only when they are ready. Remember, the more you push the further away they go. Sometimes they just need to know you’re there and willing to listen without offering your advice.
The life lesson they are experiencing is also a life lesson for you. Having to stand by and watch helplessly is one of the hardest things you may go through, especially when they are your loved ones.Finding that delicate balance between rescuing and stepping away is the challenge that can consume you. While it is difficult to watch them fall, sometimes it is necessary so they can discover an inner strength they didn’t know they had. If you constantly run to rescue them how will they know what they are capable of?It is important to understand that you cannot control how another human being acts, you can only control how you act in every situation. While this can be quite difficult at times, it is important to note that you are both on a journey and sometimes that journey requires really tough times.
Remember, you are energy. Surrender the feelings of helplessness and tap into what you can control…..by sending this person the energy of divine love, healing, and the strength to overcome what is holding them back, you are helping them in a way that is genuine and more profound.
Always remember, you are more than your pain, more than your scars, and more than your fear.

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