What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and gave yourself a compliment?Most of you probably answered….NEVER!
Do you ever wonder what that person in the mirror looking back at you is feeling? Well, I’m willing to bet she or he is feeling neglected, ignored, unloved, unworthy, and defeated. Think of all the awful things you’ve said to yourself while looking in the mirror. “I’m too fat, I have all these wrinkles, I look like crap, and on and on…..”
Seeing your reflection in the mirror offers you a glimpse of how you treat yourself. If you tend to look in the mirror and only notice all your flaws, you are signaling to your brain all these negative beliefs about yourself. If you look in the mirror and ignore yourself, that isn’t great either!Begin to think of the person you see in the mirror as a spiritual being living a human experience. You have taken on this physical outer costume as a human being…..that’s all it is! This outer shell you’re wearing is not what defines you. The more you criticize yourself in the mirror, the more you are attracting more stuff to add to your, “I look like crap,” box. This is one of the worst things you can do!
If you were looking through a window and observed another person would you feel the need to find every flaw in them? Then why are you doing it to yourself?When you look at yourself in the mirror, you are looking at a part of you that is so significant and in need of tender loving care. Begin validating yourself when you see your reflection. Yes, we all age, and with age our human costume doesn’t look as fresh as it did years ago. But it contains creases and lines that serve as a reminder of the life journey you’ve been living. A reminder of all the challenges and obstacles you’ve had to endure. These are not flaws, these are gems!
Mel Robbins created the High Five Habit. In her extensive research it shows how giving yourself a high five every morning as soon as you see yourself in the mirror (no makeup and bed hair), you’ll be amazed how it will begin to impact your life. Think of the times you’ve given people a High Five. Giving someone a High Five symbolizes – Great Job!….. You Got This!….. You’re Awesome!…..etc. Giving a High Five to your own reflection is genius! What a great way to start your day!
This week I encourage you to love who you see in that mirror. Give yourself that High Five! When you take the time to acknowledge yourself as a person who deserves to be loved, acknowledged, and cherished, you will begin to see a reflection of your soul instead of the outer costume who is only there to cover up your incredible bright light.
Always remember, you are more than your pain, more than your scars, and more than your fear.