What Life Story Are You Creating With Your Thoughts?

If you were to write down 50% of what you say to yourself daily, what would your story look like?
Considering you have over 60,000 thoughts going through your mind on a daily basis it’s no wonder you often find yourself stuck in the same old stuff. Knowing your subconscious mind is all about routine and habits it adds even more power to the repetitive conversation going on in your head every day. When you think of having an argument with another person, you may stand up for yourself and defend yourself.
Then why do you allow words of disempowerment to play a role in your own conversation in your head?
Everyone wants to change something about their life, and it begins with you! If you find that you are continuously talking to yourself with doubt, fear, and worry then why are you surprised when your outer world is bringing you all those experiences?I know change can be challenging, especially when you are not even aware of how often you fill your mind with doubt and worry. However, if you’re wish is to stop worrying about life and certain outcomes then begin by tapping into your daily thoughts and that little voice that keeps nagging you.One of the reasons this can be difficult is because just like waking up in the morning, using the bathroom, and putting on your coffee, your thoughts are a habit! It may take a little effort to become more self-aware of your daily self-talk, but if you want your outer world to reflect something different it begins with you taking action and noticing every time you head down that rabbit hole of negative worry and self-talk.
Create a new mantra in your daily self-talk. When you catch yourself in that same old pattern of worry and negative adjectives flying around in your mind…..STOP! Say a word that breaks this habit. You may start saying – DELETE, DELETE, DELETE or CANCEL. Whatever word works for you to put up the red flag that the old self-talk isn’t going to run the show anymore.This week I challenge you to be more self-aware of your self-talk and your thoughts that play over and over in your mind without you even being aware. Catch yourself and create your own word that puts a stop to this old habit.
When you begin to see your outer world in a brighter and more positive way, you will know that your inner world is reflecting that because you were willing to change.
Always remember, you are more than your pain, more than your scars, and more than your fear.
  • Are you ready to take your power back?
  • Do you need to set boundaries?
  • Are you a people pleaser?
  • Are you an Empath that keeps attracting energy vampires?

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 Much Love & Blessings, Susan
Spiritual Transformational Life Coach
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