What Would You Be Doing in Life if You Couldn’t Fail?

What if you were guaranteed you would not fail no matter what you did in your life?
Think of the opportunities you would take and how different your life would be right now! Often the fear of failure becomes a safety zone where it is easy to succumb to living an ordinary life. Within this ordinary life you may find an emptiness that you fill up with mundane tasks to avoid the burning desire that lays dormant within.
 How long are you willing to give up on your passion just to protect your ego from the illusion of fear?
We are all born of the same light, yet we can easily become lost in the darkness of fear. Each one of you possess an extraordinary gift that you brought into this world. It was not intended to be buried in the sand and forgotten.
 At what point did it become easier to settle for ordinary than to live your dream?
Even the greatest inventors in the world failed many times. Without failing you can not learn. Without failing you can not discover different ways to do things. Without failing you can not succeed. Did you stop trying because others said you can’t do it? Listen, if you continue to feel that burning desire in your soul to live your dream, it does not matter what anyone else believes, it matters what you believe!
If you continue to bury your dreams in the sand they will eventually dissolve into nothing. Now how does that feel in your heart?To do nothing, would be to ignore the gifts you were given as if they were useless, when in actuality they are precious gold.
You may say, “I do meditate, I do visualize, I ask that I may receive my wish, I pray daily with desperation, yet I am still waiting.”
Why do you pray desperately?
If you know in your heart that you provide love and you nurture your dreams with belief and faith then there is no need for desperate prayer. For with your faith and belief it is already in full bloom.
 Surrender your fear of failure, judgment from others, and step out of your safety zone. Don’t leave this life with your dreams buried inside you!
Your perception is everything!What if you were guaranteed you wouldn’t fail?What would you be doing with your life right now?
Always remember, you are more than your pain, more than your scars, and more than your fear. Why? Because YOU ARE AMAZING!
 Much Love & Blessings, Susan 
Spiritual & Transformational Life Coach
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